About Us

SOFTCLOSE.CA is a Toronto-based full service company specializing in the sale and installation of innovative hardware solutions for your home.

Our Mission

At SOFTCLOSE.CA, we believe in giving you luxury that can be enjoyed throughout your day by quickly and efficiently transforming your home at reasonable rates while providing incomparable service and striving to achieve the highest quality of customer satisfaction.

The SOFTCLOSE.CA Advantage

The benefits of choosing soft close products and services are numerous.


Increased home value - replacing out dated and noisy hardware with modern and silent products will increase the value of your property.

Luxury living - adds a touch of luxury to everyday living and a classy, cosmopolitan feel to your home.

Peace and quiet - no more slamming drawers and doors.

Safety - protect little fingers from being pinched by closing doors and drawers.

Preservation - reduces priceless furniture and cabinetry from rough use, protects glass door fronts and dishes stored in cabinets from shattering.

Innovative products - the most innovative and modern products on the market.

Full range of products - a full range of products to address all your installation needs.

Reasonable prices - prices are affordable and our services are great value for your money.

Professional installation - we install so you don't have to (unless you really want to). Our professional staff will assist you throughout the process.

Quick and simple - the transformation of your home is quick and efficient.